Rectangular Waveguide Loss

Photo 1Many customers come to us and ask: “What is the insertion loss of SAGE Millimeter’s rectangular waveguide?” It is always a tough question for us to answer, because it is really dependant on the types of materials the waveguide is built with and how the plating is applied. Because of that, we only can offer the general guidelines for it.

The chart below shows the standard sized rectangular waveguide insertion loss versus the frequency. The material of the waveguide is copper. If the coating is applied, the insertion loss will deviate slightly. It is known in the industry that the gold-plated waveguide will show slightly higher loss than the bare copper while the silver-plated shows slightly lower loss. Nevertheless, the chart shown below will give a good estimation on the loss of the rectangular waveguide from 8.2 to 170 GHz.

Data 1.PNG

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