Where is the 5-64 Waveguide Screw Supposed to be Used?

Photo 2.jpgSAGE Millimeter offers two types of waveguide screws for millimeter wave product interconnections:

SAGE Millimeter 3/32 Hex Head Waveguide Screw
SWH-332-SS – 3/32 Hex Socket Waveguide Screws
SAGE Millimeter 3/32 Hex Head Waveguide Screw
SWH-564-SS – 5/64 Hex Socket Waveguide Screws

The smart model number system that SAGE Millimeter implements indicates the hex size of these two models. SWH-332-SS requires standard 3/32 ball end hex screwdriver, while SWH-564-SS requires standard 5/64 ball end hex screwdriver when using them. The 3/32 hex size is the industry standard waveguide screw. SAGE Millimeter offers the ball end hex screwdriver as a standard tool free of charge on our homepage.FreebiesWhile most technicians and engineers use the standard model, SWH-332-SS, there is a reason SWH-564-SS exists. The question is when and how are the 5/64 hex size waveguide screws used?

The Answer: It is designed and fabricated for sub-assembly when space is tight. An example is shown below. The 5/64 hex screwdriver can go through the 4-40 threaded waveguide holes.Photo 1.jpg

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