Waveguide Quick and Tight Connect

Sometimes the most challenging part of working in a busy lab environment is having the right tools to do the job. Even the act of mating two flanges can be challenging due to tight space or missing waveguide screws, misplaced screwdrivers, and too many connections. SAGE offers the industry a simple, effective, and easy-to-use contraption to increase efficiency and decrease frustration on the bench: the waveguide quick connect.

The quick connect is an apparatus that is designed and manufactured for 0.75” circular flanges. Therefore, it can be used for UG-385/U, UG-387/U, and UG-387/U-M flanges. It opens and closes simply and can be secured quickly with the turning of the two hand screws. A versatile matched post stand is available and screws into the bottom for benchtop and tripod mount applications.

Tripod mount application
Tripod mount application

The benefits of using the quick connect are most apparent in two situations. The first is in the everyday lab environment. The quick connect makes the process of assembling, disassembling, reconfiguring test set-ups more efficient because of how quickly waveguides can be connected and disconnected.

Benchtop Mount SAGE Waveguide Stand Quick Connect
Benchtop mount application with SWH-QC-0750C-RS-B Waveguide Stand

The quick connect also comes in handy in a second situation where space is tight. For subassemblies and tighter lab set-ups, limited spacing can make it awkward or difficult to achieve good flange connections.

Quick Connect programmable attenuator with the direct-reading attenuator
Connecting this programmable attenuator with the direct-reading attenuator can get tricky with limited lab space and a tight connection between the flanges.

To make matters worse, continually assembling and disassembling flange connections between components can strip delicate thread holes on the flanges and reduce the lifetime use of a test set-up. In worst case scenarios, screws become lodged at odd angles and must be removed by force.

Screw Removal
Even experienced bench engineers and technicians find themselves in this situation from time to time.

Aside from those situations, even if the engineer or technician completes the connection, the quality of that connection is questionable because of potential leakage caused by uneven tightness in the waveguide screws. The quick connect addresses this signal leakage concern with its tapered structure design. The taper inside of the groove helps to keep the flanges together with even pressure all around the flange.

Whether the waveguide flange connection is temporary or permanent, the waveguide quick connect offers an alternative and convenient way to make the waveguide connections effectively.

The detailed datasheets for the connect and waveguide stand can be found from the following web links, respectively.

SWH-750C-RX1, Closed 2, Web
SWH-QC-0750C-R2 Waveguide Quick Connect


SWH-QC-0750C-RS-B Waveguide Stand
SWH-QC-0750C-RS-B Waveguide Stand


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