SAGE Millimeter’s Flexible and Twistable Waveguides

The flexible and twistable waveguides offered by SAGE Millimeter, Inc. cover the WR-42, WR-28 and WR-22 waveguide bands. While only exhibiting a fraction of performance degradation against their ridged waveguide counterparts, these flexible and twistable waveguides offer compelling flexibilities for system integrations at a comparable cost. For instance, the insertion loss of the WR-22 flexible and twistable waveguide is around 2 dB/Meter while the ridged copper waveguide is around 1 dB/Meter.

Compared to other flexible waveguides on the market, the waveguides offered by SAGE Millimeter possess the following unique features:

  1. These waveguides are designed and manufactured with vulcanized silicone rubber jacket with grooved and gasket furnished flanges.  Therefore, they are qualified for all weather, indoor, and outdoor applications.

SWG-42059-FB-FT-G, Web

2. The watertight gasket can be replaced by an EM gasket to offer further improvements of the EMC shielding and isolation performance. The waveguide with an EM gasket option is offered under a different model number.

SWG, Web

3. In addition, these waveguides display flexible bending, i.e., the waveguides will return to its nature shape once the outer focus is withdrawn, and static twisting, i.e., the waveguide will stay in its twisted position after the external force is removed mechanically. The following videos show the details of this feature. The minimum bending radius and maximum torsion angle are frequency band dependent and are clearly indicated in each model’s datasheets. These behaviors offer long term stress free operation when the waveguide is integrated in a system.


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