Dual Polarized Antennas from SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

The dual polarized antenna is widely used in the industry due to its versatile characteristics. It is well known that the dual polarized antenna can support linear, elliptical, and circular polarized waveforms. Here are several application scenarios. Receiving Mode When the antenna receives a linearly polarized vertical waveform, only the vertical port can receive it. … Continue reading Dual Polarized Antennas from SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

SAGE Millimeter’s Compact Faraday Isolators

The Faraday isolator is constructed with a longitudinal, magnetized ferrite rod that causes a Faraday rotation of the incoming RF signal. By properly biasing the ferrite, the isolator will cause low loss signal in one direction and high loss in the reverse direction. Faraday isolators have found wide applications in microwave systems due to its … Continue reading SAGE Millimeter’s Compact Faraday Isolators