SAGE Millimeter’s Compact Faraday Isolators

2019-1-15, Compact Faraday Isolators.png

The Faraday isolator is constructed with a longitudinal, magnetized ferrite rod that causes a Faraday rotation of the incoming RF signal. By properly biasing the ferrite, the isolator will cause low loss signal in one direction and high loss in the reverse direction.

Faraday isolators have found wide applications in microwave systems due to its ultra-broadband characteristics, often wider than the standard rectangular waveguide, low insertion loss and high isolation. However, the standard industrial models are excessively large and often limiting in their applications, especially in sub-assemblies where size matters. SAGE Millimeter has developed a family of compact Faraday isolators that offer a much shorter insertion length without sacrificing performance.

The complete compact full band isolator family covers the frequency range of 50 to 170 GHz in five waveguide bands, namely, WR-15 (V Band), WR-12 (E Band), WR-10 (W Band), WR-08 (F Band), and WR-06 (D Band). The alternative compact versions with a 90 degree built-in twist are offered with the “-91-C” suffix to the standard model number so that the additional flexibility required in any sub-system is achieved.
The detailed mechanical performance comparisons between the standard and the compact isolators are given in the following table.

Standard M/N Insertion Length Compact M/N Insertion Length In/Out Orientation
STF-15-S1 2.5″ STF-15-S1-C 1.3″ Aligned
STF-12-S1 2.5” STF-12-S1-C 1.2” Aligned
STF-10-S1 2.5″ STF-10-S1-C 1.0″ Aligned
STF-08-S1 2.5″ STF-08-S1-C 1.0″ Aligned
STF-06-S1 2.5″ STF-06-S1-C 0.9″ Aligned
STF-15-91 2.75″ STF-15-91-C 1.3″ Crossed
STF-12-91 2.75” STF-12-91-C 1.2” Crossed
STF-10-91 2.75″ STF-10-91-C 1.0″ Crossed
STF-08-91 2.75″ STF-08-91-C 1.0″ Crossed
STF-06-91 2.75″ STF-06-91-C 0.9″ Crossed

The figure below shows the typical outline drawings of the E Band standard and compact models with and without the 90-degree built-in twist. All models are offered as catalog models listed on SAGE Millimeter’s official website.

STF-12-S1, Outline.png
M/N: STF-12-S1, Standard
STF-12-S1-C, Outline.png
M/N: STF-12-S1-C, Compact
STF-12-91, Outline.png
M/N: STF-12-91, Standard, 90 Degree Twist Built-in
STF-12-91-C, Outline.png
M/N: STF-12-91-C, Compact, 90 Degree Twist Built-in

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