Waveguide Connector*, Uni-Guide™

The waveguide, along with the coaxial line, is one of the most important transmission media in any modern RF, microwave and millimeter-wave component, and sub-assembly and system. Due to its metal tubing configuration, the waveguide tends to be heavy and bulky, especially in low microwave frequencies. However, it is always a preferred transmission means …

SAGE Millimeter’s High Precision Programmable Attenuators

Programmable attenuators are widely used in automatic test setups to give an absolute attenuation setting for many components, sub-assemblies, and system characterizations. It is a very critical and important test equipment in the industry. The industry only has very limited offerings for waveguide programmable attenuators, especially in high millimeterwave frequency bands, such as V, E, … Continue reading SAGE Millimeter’s High Precision Programmable Attenuators